In our Lab, we can provide a High-Tech Postural Analysis thanks to a High-Tech Gait Analysis System.


This system is composed of a Force Pressure Sensitive Treadmill and an HD Video Recording System.


Through this kind of Postural Analysis, It is possible to determine which areas of the body are under more strain than others and which muscles groups are causing this strain.

Our Postural Assessment provides dozens of analytical data about the distribution on the feet of your body's forces showing us the muscles imbalances of your body.


This Postural Analysis provides a complete biomechanical foot assessment:

1. Foot pressure scan.

2. Average forces distribution for left and right foot.

3. Center Of Pressure graphics.

4. Pronation or Supination of your feet.

5. Flat/Normal/Low/High Arch of your feet.

6. Critical pressures points.

Furthermore, this Postural Assessment allows us to determine the presence of structural or functional spine's dysfunctions:

1. Scoliosis.

2. Kyphosis.

3. Flat Back Posture.

4. Shoulder Height Discrepancy.

5. Hip Height Discrepancy.

Our Postural Assessment provides dozens of analytical data that are used to produce a Postural adjustment Program that you can follow at home.

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