This treatment for hip's flexibility improvement has been designed to treat and cure one of the most important causes of back pain and hip pain.

The improvement of hip flexibility is very important to improve the general body posture and eventually the sports performance.

The tightness of the hip flexors, for example, It's one of the most important causes of back

pain as they are the antagonist of hip extensor on the front of the hip. So when there is strong tightness of the hip flexors they make apposition to the work of the back muscles causing their fatigue.

Improving the hip's flexibility produces a wider range of motion the hip joint that is a key point to improve the sports performance.


The hip joint is the most important joint of our body as It has a key role for its posture and balance.


 The Flexibility both of your joints and muscles, in general, has a key role in the sports performance and health of your muscles. Alongside this treatment, we advise you to do more Stretching as It is a workout for the muscles' flexibility.

Power and flexibility are both important for the health and performance of your muscles and there should be a good balance between these two muscles' quality.

In fact, even if you have very strong muscle but with poor flexibility, the chances to get injury It is very likely and their performance is quite lower than other muscles with higher flexibility as they are able to adapt better to the changes of status.

We advise this treatment before a competition too as It can improve the range of motion of the hip joint increasing both the velocity of the body's movement and its resistance to the fatigue.

We perform this treatment with the help of our own high-tech therapy coach designed specifically for Groin Injury, Back Pain, Hip Pain and Hip Flexibility Improvement.

Our own Therapy Coach has special features that are unique in the market and specifically designed to treat and cure most of the hip injuries.

One of the most common causes of hip injuries is stiffness or lack of flexibility of the hip flexors and dipper muscles as the piriformis muscle that has the function of the hip joint stabilization.

The key point to treat and prevent hip injuries is to treat and improve the flexibility of the hip's muscles.

45 Minutes Hip Flexibility Improvement £75

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