On this website you can find all the answers concerning the athlete's health and the way to achieve the perfect balance of his posture.

Frequently asked questions

How can I check my posture?

You can check your posture mainly in two different ways: 1. Postural assessment through body's clinical investigation. 2. Postural assessment through a pressure sensitive mat and camera system. The second option is the best and that used in this Clinic. With this system we can get dozens of analitycal data about the posture. Go to the Video Gallery to watch some videos about the postural assessment and running assessment ( www.mrsalussportinglab.com/video-gallery ).

How to get ready for the Marathon?

The marathon training is a program that must be meticulously organised: - the training program requires at least three months of preparations with a weekly average of at least 30-50 Km a week ( it depens from the runner level ). - schedule at least 1 prevntive treatment per month by a sport specialist ( sport massage, remedial massage ) to relief the muscles tension and prevent the onset of injuries. - follow a balanced diet for the macronutrients ( 55-60% Carbohydrates, 30% Fat, 15-20% Protein ) for the correct body's needs during the intense workouts. -have a correct hydro-electrolytic supply ( 2 litres of water/Die, 2-3 portions of fruit / Die ). - have a post-marathon treatment to relief the muscular fatigue and prevent minor injuries. More info on www.mrsalussportinglab.com/treatments/marathon-program-treatments

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